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Bits And Bytes Of Software Freedom

Open Source Projects

If you're thinking you have read my name before on the web,
maybe it was because of one of the following OSS projects I'm affiliated with.
Make sure to check them out!


as: Maintainer / Coder


"Mircryption is an Open Source project, consiting of a veriety of interrelated addons, programs, and scripts, that provide secure encryption for internet relay chat (irc).
The center piece of mircryption is an addon for the mirc irc client, but mircryption now supports several other irc clients (including XChat2), as well as the psybnc irc bouncer and the eggdrop irc bot program.
-- Mircyption website


Mircryption @
Latest unoffical Mircryption/XChat stuff


as: Web-Designer


"P::Classes is a portable, high performance C++ application framework which provides many classes needed for real-world application development, emphasing on ease of use, size and stability.
Current highlights are: A type- and threadsafe signal/slot mechanism, an i/o system including a plugin-based architecture for network-protocol transparent i/o, a plugin-based application message logging framework, classes and driver-plugins to access sql databases, a message digest library, classes for configuration management.
-- P::Classes website


P::Classes @