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Bits And Bytes Of Software Freedom


reverse engineering the Classpad 300 MCS filesystem


MCS files are 512KByte memory images used for the Casio Classpad 300.
Inside the .mcs file one can find the whole folder structure accessible from the cp300 aswell as some system specific stuff.

The ultimate goal of this project is a Linux kernel module that will enable one to mount, browse and edit .mcs files the way a Linux user usually does it.

The project started on April 28th 2006.


One of the few things, apart from the low contrast display, that always bothered me with my Classpad was that there is only a Windows based SDK and no Linux support at all.

To get out of this misery i decided to take on the challenge of reverse engineering the MCS filesystem.

Besides all this heroic open source blabla it's a nice opportunity to practice my C skills ;-)